[daip] Archival Data Issue

Data Analysts analysts at nrao.edu
Wed Jun 3 16:45:22 EDT 2009

John M. Cannon wrote:
jcannon at macalester.edu
> Hi again,
> I am also having issues when data from AC654 that are available from 
> the archive are loaded via FILLM.  Archive files XH02155/file_9 and 
> XH02155/file_10 load fine and all scans from the online logs are 
> verified by LISTR.  However, the archive files XH02155/file_4 and 
> XH02155/file_5 do not seem to load completely.  According to the 
> online archive system, the latter file runs until 02-Dec-08 11:32:59; 
> using LISTR, this file terminates at 09:15:45, missing roughly 2.5 
> hours of data. 
> Could you please have a look and see if you have suggestions that 
> might help to sort out what might be the issue(s)? 
> Thanks so much -
> John
> <mailto:jcannon at macalester.edu>

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