[daip] Archival Data Issue

Lorant Sjouwerman lsjouwer at nrao.edu
Thu Jun 4 17:36:44 EDT 2009

Hi John,

I looked a bit more into AC654 on 02-Dec-08 after 09:16 (to 11:32).
I can confirm that there is data for the whole range on the data 
file in the archive, but I can also confirm that AIPS won't read 
beyond 09:16. So I've gone and used the actual tape (luckily they're 
still around) and indeed have read data till 11:32 from the tape
with AIPS. 

We should have a closer look at why the data on disk seems corrupted
from the standpoint of AIPS (FILLM), but that would take a while as
our expert is out of town. If you don't want to wait I'd suggest you
send me the exact and complete list of inputs you want for FILLM and
I'll put the file (in AIPS format and/or FITS) on an FTP site for you


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