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List Description
Aceapprojectteam List of ACEAP Project Team Members
Agngroup Weekly AGN discussion seminar at NRAO
Algorithms Data Processing Algorithm Forum
Alma-config ALMA configuration working group issues
Alma-net Network Co-ordination for ALMA/NRAO/ESO/JAO issues
Almacal ALMA Calibration Group
Almanews ALMA Project Announcements
Almasci ALMA Science IPT Mailing List
Anasac ALMA North American Science Advisory Committee
Aocvisitors registrations to visit AOC will go to this list
Approvaldelegation Approval authority delegation
Arcr Updated Approval Route Cross Reference
Asac ALMA Science Advisory Committee
Astrochem NRAO-UVa Astrochemistry Mailing List
Audsetup Auditorium AOC Setup
Bananas AIPS-related discussions
beamformer Discuss beamformer ATI proposal
Budgetmanagers NRAO Budget Managers, all sites
Businessmanagers NRAO Business Managers, all sites
Casa-announce Announcements relating to the CASA post-processing software
casa-news CASA Newsletter
Casa-staff Folks assigned to CASA who do the work
Casa-users Messages of critical updates or other issues for CASA users
Cce-unix The Common Computing Environment For Unix Working Group
Cce-win The Common Computing Environment For Windows Working Group
Cdlseniorstaff CDL Senior Staff
Colloquia Annoucement list for all colloquia and talks
Comm NRAO telecommunications coordination
Commitauth Committment Authority Distribution
Cvgameclub Announcement List for the CV Game Club
Cvrec CV Rec Assn
Cvsql Auto-generated list of users of the system
Cvss Charlottesville Summer Students
Cvssmentors Charlottesville Summer Student Mentors
Daip This is the designated AIP list for AIPS support.
Difx-developers Developers of the DiFX Software Correlator
Difx-users Users of the DiFX Software Correlator
Dms-leads DMS Leads
dms-ssa Science Support Archive Team List
e2e-archive NRAO archiving
Epo EPO Staff List
Escoordminutes Minutes of the weekly ES Division Coord. Mtg.
Evla-systems EVLA Systems Group
evlatests EVLA Testing discussion
Execadmins ExecAD Assistants
feic_na FE ALMA Ops Service Group
fitsbits International FITS discussion list
fitswcs FITS World Coordinate System discussion list
Galgroup Galaxy Discussion Group
Gb_tto_ideas GB staff involved in new ideas for the Green Bank site
Gbelectronics Green Bank Electronics Division
Gbfitness Announce planned fitness activities in GB.
Gbipg Green Bank Interference Protection Group
GBNCC Green Bank North Celestial Cap pulsar survey discussions and logistics
GBO-OpsLog-Reports Subscribers to this list will receive daily reports from the GBO Operators Log
Gbraops Green Bank 43m RadioAstron Team
gbrecboard Green Bank Recreation Association Board
Gbrri Green Bank - RRI pulsar project collaboration
Gbsci GB scientist info
Gbss Green Bank Summer Students
Gbsysarch Discussion Group on System Architecture at GB
gbt800multi 800 MHz Multipixel feed list
Gbtarchteam GBT Archive Access Project Team Members
gbtinfo For dissemination of GBT related information
gbtlocal Circulate information about gbt operations to local staff. A replacement for gbt.
Gbtobscom People who receive observers comments reports
gbtpipeline-announce Announcements related to the Green Bank Telescope pipeline.
Guppi Mailing list for advanced pulsar machines
HPC High Performance Computing Mailing List
Hvatum Hein Hvatum Memorial VLA Century Ride
Hvatum2013 Hein Hvatum Memorial VLA Century Ride 2013
iaufwg IAU FITS Working Group discussions
Idataugmentors [no description available]
Irengr Ivy Road Engineers
Irsis [no description available]
Iss_speakers List for coordination of speakers in the Internal Science Symposium
Janskyfellows Jansky Fellows
Linuxastro Linux in Astronomy
mmaimcal ALMA Imaging and Calibration
Mnj AIPS Midnight Job stuff
MODEST MOdeling DEnse STellar systems
Movie_night Mailing list for NM movie nights at the loma
Msmrx MillimeterSubmillimeter Receivers Group
NAASC Scientific staff associated with the North American ALMA Science Center (NAASC)
Newsletter List of staff that submit articles to the NRAO Newsletter
Ngvla-antenna ngVLA Antenna IPT
ngVLA-info General ngVLA email to Project Office for website
Ngvla-rfi ngVLA radio frequency interference mitigation work group
Ngvla-wp ngvla work package leads and other key project staff
ngVLA_Electronic_Systems A mailing list for the ngVLA Electronic Systems IPT.
Nmss Socorro Summer Students
Nmssmentors Socorro Summer Student Mentors
Nmsymp New Mexico Symposium
Nrao-mail-admin E-mail administration and configuration, E-mail scanning
Nraopostdocs Jansky Fellow and NRAO Postdoc names
nraosoc-yoga Socorro yoga class members
Oryx VLBA New Digital Architecture
Python Discussions of the Python Programming Language
Rfiwatch A discussion group for all concerned with RFI & Spectrum Management issues
Safety-NM NM Safety Committee and safety issues
Sage Scientific Advisory Group to EVLA
Scistaff NRAO Scientific Staff (Observatory-wide)
sddev Single Dish Development
Singledatabase People working on the PST single sign and other database issues
Siwannounce Initial announcements of NRAO Sythesis Imaging Workshops
SM2020 Registrants for the 5th IUCAF Spectrum Management School
Ssa-issues Reporting of SSA software production issues
STEM-EducationMatters List to keep interested individuals informed of STEM education issues.
udb-admin administrators of the NRAO user database
Vegas Discuss continued work on VEGAS
Vla-opt-issues To report VLA OPT issues that require immediate attention
Vla-ost-issues To report VLA OST scheduling tool issues that require immediate attention
Vla-pipe-coord VLA pipeline coordination
Vla-pipe-users Users of the VLA calibration pipeline
Vla_site_techs VLA Site Tech Team
VLASS-galactic VLASS discussion on Galatic plane/center
Vlass-ssg Members of the Science Survey Group of the VLA Sky Survey
Vlass-swg Science Working Group of the VLA Sky Survey
Vlavlbausers Announcement-only list for VLA and VLBA users
Vlba_users VLBA PST Users
Vlbasoft VLBA Software Group
vlbatests Testing of new VLBA capabilities
vlbi Announcements related to VLBI generally, and specifically to the VLBA
Vlite-alert VLITE System Maintenance Alerts
Webcontent NRAO official web content discussion list
webdev Web Developer Mailing List
wfc WGAS FITS Committee discussions
Wfpa-develop GBT WFPA Development Information

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