[daip] MAC Darwin TVserver installation question

Christina Lacey Christina.Lacey at hofstra.edu
Wed Jun 10 15:40:51 EDT 2009


I have an aips  MAC installation question.   I have installed classic aips on an Imac running OS 10.5.6 (darwin).  I used the binary installation as I could not get the compiler instructions for Mac to work. 

The MACINT binary installation of aips works.   The Tekserver window works. However, I get the shared memory id failure message for the TVserver.  I searched NRAO's mac installation page, found my problem discussed, but it looks like Mac has once again changed the file where the shared memory is allocated.  I searched for the previous files that were to be updated for the Panther, Jaguar , and leopard distrbutions and had no lick findin any of the files (/etc/rc or /etc/sysctl.conf).  

Has anyone at NRAO encountered this problem and found the solution? 


Christina Lacey
Hofstra University

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