[daip] tvflg fg table version

Eric Greisen egreisen at nrao.edu
Mon Jul 30 11:02:34 EDT 2007

Rob Ivison, Edinburgh writes:

 > today i used TVFLG 4 times on the same database, with flagver=0.
 > i assumed each of these FG tables contained the previous set of flags, 
 > plus the latest new ones.
 > i will later need to use UVFLG to clip the data, so i must apply the 
 > flags and delete the FG tables.
 > so i used UVCOP to copy the data to a new database, with flagver=4, 
 > expecting that this would effectively "implement" all the flags in FG 
 > tables 1-4.
 > the file created by UVCOP still had 3 FG tables. when i deleted these 
 > tables it was obvious that the flags in FG tables 1-3 had not been 
 > implemented.
 > i'm obviously missing something here... which flagver should i have 
 > used in UVCOP?

I have little explanation for what you appear ti be seeing.  UVCOP
will copy all FG tables except the one applied, so that part of what
you see is understood.  Since TVFLG created the FG tables, I assume
that it copied the flagging table inormation from the earlier FG table
- SO LONG AS you told it to do so.  If FLAGVER=-1, then no flags are
applied on input and none copied to the output.  If you still have
some of these tables you can use PRTAB to see if the tables were
copied or not.

I am changing the editing tasks to allow you to control OUTFGVER but
it will still be true that the output FG table will not have copied
input FGs unless the output table is new and the input table was used.

Eric Greisen

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