[daip] FG tables

Eric Greisen egreisen at nrao.edu
Wed Jul 18 14:56:58 EDT 2007

Gustaaf van Moorsel writes:
 > I noticed TVFLG is creating a new FG table each time it is run.
 > For FLAGVER=0, the new table contains the flags in the existing
 > table, and adds the new flags to it.
 > This I believe is a change in behavior: for FLAGVER=0, TVFLG used
 > to add the new flags to the highest numbered existing FG table.
 > In contrast, UVFLG maintains the old behavior: for FLAGVER=0, it
 > does not create a new FG table, but adds flags to an existing
 > table.
Yes - TVFLG is now like most other tasks that are capable of
generating many flags at one go.

Eric Greisen

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