[daip] Message file problem ?

Frazer Owen fowen at nrao.edu
Sun Jul 15 15:41:09 EDT 2007

    Eric, Amy,

    I saved the offending message file in /home/pilabo/AIPS/DA01

-rw-r--r--   1 fowen    aips  14944256 Jul 15 13:20 MSD0GY000.save

and deleted the message file for 0GY.  That seemed to solve the problem.

Another clue is that after I submitted the first batch job today and tried
to SUBMIT another in another BATQUE, I got a message "TASK
ACTIVE" and could not submit another unless I opened another
AIPS window for each new job. After I deleted the message file,
I could submit all three BATCH jobs form there different queues within
the same AIPS window.


Frazer Owen wrote:
>    Eric or Amy,
>    I am getting this strange message on pilabo. ( I am running 
> remotely from
> Hawaii).
> MSGCOUNT IN FILE EXCEEDS MSG REC        83886080********
>    I get this with every message write. Also CLRMSG doesn't seem to
> clear it.  It may have started with my BATCH jobs. By the way all
> the batch jobs also failed the last two days. They start up be then
> everything stops at the same time. The first night I thought this was
> due to updating the code but last night, Saturday night, nothing seemed
> to have been updated.
>    It looks to me like something is wrong with the message file but
> I am not sure what to do to clear up the situation. Could you look 
> into it ?
> ----Frazer

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