[daip] AIPS TV window

Eric Greisen egreisen at nrao.edu
Fri Jul 13 11:52:34 EDT 2007

Jeff Wagg writes:
 > Hi Eric, I have been trying to run AIPS remotely on pilabo, and cannot get 
 > the TV window to appear when I start ('%aips tv=local:0.0'). The error 
 > message I get during startup is:

    Two points:
      1. The correct grammar is tv=local:0   not 0.0 - it should not
         have chosen 3 since that is in use apparently (1,3,8,9) seem
         to be in use at present.
      2. You can run aips on your own machine so you should be using
         the Inet method which will have much better behavior.  Enter
         only aips and it should start the TVs on your machine.  If
         that fails, start aips on your machine directly which will
         start the servers there.  Then enter "aips tvok"
      2b. You could also look in /tmp for files named LOK.n.xxx,
          MSS.n.xxx, TKS.n.xxx, XAS.n.xxx and then choose an n that is
          not in use:  aips tv=local:n
          OR say aips tv=local and it will reuse the one you are
          already using.

Eric Greisen


 > XAS: Using screen width height 1270 924, max grey level 255
 > UNIXSERVERS: Start message server MSSRV3 on pilabo, display localhost:11.0
 > MakeLink: bind error (UNIX): Address already in use
 > closedown: unlink: Operation not permitted
 > zssslk connect (UNIX): Permission denied
 > zssslk write data: Transport endpoint is not connected
 > XAS: Quitting NOW.
 > It is probably something simple that I am doing wrong, but I was wondering 
 > if you had any suggestions?
 > many thanks
 > jeff

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