[daip] FLGIT

Eric Greisen egreisen at nrao.edu
Thu Jul 12 15:39:28 EDT 2007

Frazer Owen writes:

 >     I have just been through a complicated attempt to image some of the 
 > 610 data
 > and have ended up with total failure for some reason after a week. Thus I am
 > reviewing whether I know what the AIPS programs actually do. The first one
 > I am looking at is FLGIT.  That program recommends using an approximate
 > BP file to help out the flagging. What is not clear is whether FLGIT applies
 > the BP table to the output uvfile. I would hope it does not since this 
 > program is
 > mainly a flagging program. However, the EXPLAIN file does not make that 
 > clear.
 > Could you let me know whether the output file has the approximate BP table
 > applied ?

FLGIT applies DOBAND, DOCAL, et al. to the data, examines them, and
then writes them out.  So, yes, the bandpass, source selection,
calibration, flagging due to bad cals, spectral smoothing and/or
whatever was selected are all applied to the data.

Eric Greisen

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