[daip] aips printing

Eric Greisen egreisen at nrao.edu
Sun Jul 1 18:06:35 EDT 2007

Marek Budyn writes:
 > Hello,<br>
 > <br>
 > I am using AIPS (3DEC07)for some time, as we use AIPS for data
 > reduction in the radio astronomy course on the university (31DEC03).<br>
 > I tried to install the software on my PC/linux.<br>
 > I found a strange behavior that I cannot solve.<br>
 > On the university computers, when I try to print on PREVIEW printer
 > (ghostview) an application is run and I can export image to a PS file.
 > Unfortunately, on my PC, everything works fine except that ghostview is
 > not shown! The only message I see is:<i><br>
 > </i>
 > <blockquote><i>storm > KNTR 1: Task KNTR   (release of 31DEC07)
 > begins</i><br>
 >   <i>storm > KNTR 1: Start grey-scale at plane    1</i><br>
 >   <i>storm > KNTR 1: Start contouring at plane    1</i><br>
 >   <i>storm > KNTR 1: GFINIS: number records used     432</i><br>
 >   <i>storm > KNTR 1: Successful PLot file version   26  created.</i><br>
 >   <i>storm > KNTR 1: Appears to have ended successfully</i><br>
 >   <i>storm > KNTR 1: storm        31DEC07 TST: Cpu=       0.1 
 > Real=       0</i><br>
 > </blockquote>
 > I have checked several times files /etc/printcap and [AIPS
 > ROOT]/DA00/PRDEVS.LIST but everything is the same as on the university
 > computer.<br>
 > Could You, please, suggest me wgere I could search for the problem ?<br>
 > Maybe I could edit some scripts (which?) for getting what is wrong and
 > what should I fix ?<br>

KNTR has made a plot file.  It now needs to be interpreted to a
display device e.g. preview.  You need to run the task 'LWPLA' on the
desired plot file(s) and direct its output to the selected printer (or
to a PS disk file for later use).

Eric Greisen

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